How Redding Heating & Air Grew With HVAC SEO Strategies

At Redding Heating & Air we set out to rank for more keywords in our service area of Redding, CA. We enlisted the help of HVAC SEO Webmasters to get us on the right track. We learned that ranking for the right keywords was the key to quality lead generation. Our leads increased regularly using the strategies provided. It also helped us expand into nearby towns, who can now find us on organic search results. The quality of our web design helped us use our new SEO traffic and convert it into calls to action through phone calls, form submissions, and social media outreach. Let’s take a look at how we’re doing:

General Information

Launch Date: 11/15/2019

Domain Age: 5/15/2017 (3 Years, 4 months)

Domain Authority: 11

Keywords Ranking in Top 10 on Google

Out of over 1,000 total indexed keywords in Google Search Console

KeywordRankingMap Ranking
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evaporative cooler repair redding ca4N/A
thermostat Installation redding ca1N/A
ventilation Installation redding ca1N/A
ac repair bella vista ca5N/A
ac repair cottonwood ca4N/A
ac repair lakehead ca41
ac repair montgomery creek33
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ac repair round mountain ca3N/A
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ac repair siskiyou4N/A
ac repair whiskeytown11

Google Impressions

Google Search Console Impressions

In the last 8 months:

Google users have seen one or more of our search results 124,000 times, trending upwards.

Google Organic Visits

Organic Monthly Visits

In the last 8 months:

Organic visits have grown by 609.52% since November 2019, our initial launch month.

November 2019: 21 Organic Visits

April 2020: 106 Organic Visits

July 2020: 163 Organic Visits

Google Analytics

Last 90 Days (Google Analytics)

In the last 90 days:

Users have increased by 63.4%

Sessions have increased by 52.7%