Residential Wall Heater Installation

residential wall heater installation

Local Services When You Need Them

While our area rarely gets that cold during the year, you may have household members that are temperature sensitive. This means they need specific heating, or cooling, options that can’t be provided with a central HVAC system. When that is the case, contact Redding Heating & Air about a residential wall heater installation in Redding, CA. We’re available at 530-223-1332.

Residential Wall Heater Installation

Suitable for commercial and residential applications, these wall-mount units deliver heat to where you need. The wall heater is installed on the interior walls and consists of a fuel source, heat exchanger, and a fan. As the heater warms, up the fan circulates the heated air through the heater. Other units may even have a radiator that supplies heat into the room. They are units that are perfectly safe for both a home or business and are a great addition when heat adjustments are needed for specific rooms.

With gas wall heaters you’ll have a unit that provides free-flowing heat that is typically activated with a pilot light. Gas wall heaters are a good option for those interested in low-cost alternatives. Electric wall heaters, in turn, have an internal heating element either made with tubes or heating coils that are heated through electrical currents. These units can be combined with your existing electrical service and can be a convenient option for streamlined use. They work well on their own, in conjunction with a complete HVAC system, or even with a ductless mini-split system. When you’re in need of or have any questions regarding residential wall heater services be sure to speak with one of our helpful staff.

When It’s Time To Take Action

It can often be difficult to know when it is time to replace your current air conditioner or heating system. We recommend that if your system is over 10 years old it may be time to consider a replacement or a brand new installation. Either way, you’ll be able to save money on unnecessary repairs and potentially invest that money in other areas of your life and home. Connect with the Redding Heating & Air team today by calling 530-223-1332. We’ll schedule an appointment for a residential wall heater installation for your Redding, CA!

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