What is done during HVAC maintenance?

Technicians servicing outdoor HVAC units

How long does HVAC maintenance take?

Are you ready for summer? Vacation plans made, swimsuits packed, and all of those essential things? What about your HVAC? Is it ready for the summer? Yes, your HVAC system has been running fine all winter, but the AC part of it hasn’t. Before you head to the airport or pack the camping gear, maybe get a professional residential HVAC maintenance check-up.

The average time is one to two hours if there are no issues. Each HVAC maintenance business has its own residential HVAC maintenance checklist that their technicians are trained and instructed to follow. If the unit needs any service performed, that can extend the time needed to complete the inspection and maintenance. The basic checklist of most residential HVAC maintenance contractors will include any or all of the following:

  • Check refrigerant
  • Test for leaks
  • Evacuate system and capture released refrigerant
  • Check air duct for breaks or leakage
  • Measure evaporator coil airflow
  • Verify the electric control sequence
  • Inspect electric terminals, clean, tighten connections, use a non-conductive coating
  • Oil any motors, check belts
  • Check thermostat accuracy

What maintenance does a central air conditioner need?

The above professional maintenance check should be scheduled twice a year. During the summer months, a homeowner should perform the following:

  • The Filter – This should be replaced or cleaned every 30 days all year long. Filters that are clogged and dirty will reduce the efficiency of the system and what air gets through the dirty filter is blowing into the duct system and throughout the house. Regular changing or cleaning of this filter will keep your system running well in between professional residential HVAC maintenance appointments. 
  • The Coils – The condenser coil and evaporator coil collect dirt while the HVAC air is working. Keeping the filter changed or cleaned as mentioned above will help minimize how much dirt. When the evaporator coil collects dirt, it insulates it and keeps it from absorbing heat as intended. This is one area a professional residential HVAC maintenance check-up includes. 

Besides the inside portion of your HVAC system, the outdoor unit needs your attention. Make sure nothing is blocking it from getting air such as shrubbery, grass, or trash that has blown up to it. Check it weekly to make sure it is clear of any debris. 

  • The Coil Fins – The condenser coils and evaporator coils are aluminum fins that are bent easily. When bent, the airflow is blocked. During your scheduled professional residential HVAC maintenance, the technician will correct this, but in between those appointments, you can purchase a fin comb at any home improvement store and do this yourself following the instructions on the package. 
  • Condensation Drains – If these become clogged, it can cause a lot of problems to the HVAC system and your home’s structure. Each month when you change or replace the air filter, take a stiff wire and push through the drain to make sure it isn’t clogged.  This is another area that the technician will check and clean during your professional residential HVAC maintenance appointment. 

How often should you have HVAC maintenance?

Experts recommend having a professional residential HVAC maintenance and inspection twice a year, once in the fall and again in the spring, and should not be less than once a year in the spring. Even if your HVAC system is operating perfectly, these inspections and maintenance will keep it running perfectly.

Most HVAC service companies offer HVAC residential maintenance contracts at an inexpensive rate. However, regardless of the cost, professional preventive HVAC maintenance is a good investment to get the longest lifespan possible from your unit. 

 technician is checking air conditioner

Are HVAC maintenance plans worth it?

Ultimately, the biggest benefit of having a preventive maintenance plan is that it will keep your unit in reliable condition. When things are in reliable condition, they are less likely to break down, leaving you hot on a summer day or frozen on a winter night. For the sake of review, here are the points in favor of having a residential HVAC maintenance contract with a professional HVAC company: 

  • The decrease in equipment downtime
  • Reduced major repairs, saving money
  • Improved life expectancy
  • Reduced need to replace HVAC unit
  • Improved health and safety for household
  • Adds to the value of a home, especially when you take a transferable contract

When a residential HVAC maintenance is implemented properly, it will result in savings from countless repair calls or replacing parts, or the whole system. Your home is a large investment and the HVAC system is an investment within that investment. Taking care of things like the HVAC system, the roof, and other major components will keep your home comfortable and healthy for you and your loved ones, all making it worthwhile to have a residential HVAC maintenance program on the important components like the HVAC. Call 530-223-1332 today for your HVAC maintenance needs in Redding, CA.