Commercial Ductless Mini-Split Installation

commercial ductless mini-split system installation

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For your commercial property, you may benefit from a ductless mini-split system. This is a heating and cooling appliance that allows for immediate temperature regulation of a room without the need or use of ductwork. That’s because everything needed for the temperature regulation is already in the room. These systems are perfect for commercial locations because they offer affordability, reliability, and independence. Contact Redding Heating & Air at 530-223-1332 about a commercial ductless mini-split system installation in Redding, CA today.

Commercial and Residential Ductless Mini Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems are known to be very popular and work exceptionally well in hospitals, hotels, office buildings and any other kind of large commercial building where a unique climate is needed in each individual room throughout the facility. They are also just as popular and useful in residential spaces as well.

The systems that we install are Variable Flow Zoning systems (VRF). They are energy-efficient and eco-friendly. There are multiple types of indoor ductless units which include: ceiling recessed, floor-standing, wall-mounted, and concealed ducted. These systems have been best known to solve complex HVAC challenges in any type of building of any shape or size.

The installation is usually quick due to the fact that there are no physical ducts being installed. This guarantees your space will have controlled air in a flash! Systems like this are perfect for properties such as hospitals, storage facilities, commercial kitchens, and other spaces. Just like a central HVAC system, a mini-duct system will also need regular repairs and maintenance. For that, rely on Redding Heating & Air. We are trained technicians with all the necessary experience for ductless mini-split maintenance. This includes inspections, diagnostic checks, ductless mini-split repairs, and more.

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If you’re interested in a ductless mini-split system our trained professionals at Redding Heating & Air are qualified to handle any unique commercial or residential need. We can help with installation, replacement, general maintenance, and ductless mini-split repair needs. Whatever you need, we can tackle it. Call to speak to someone about a commercial ductless mini-split system installation in your Redding, CA commercial space today! Dial 530-223-1332 to get started.

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