Commercial Evaporative Cooler System Installation

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Helping to Keep Your Space Cool

We know all too well just how hot and dry our area can get. If you run a business with specialty items or anything that requires a certain temperature, you may need to consider investing in an evaporative cooler system. Redding Heating & Air can help you. Call us at 530-223-1332 about a commercial evaporative cooler system installation in Redding, CA or the surrounding areas.

Why Choose An Evaporative Cooler System Installation?

We have years of experience with just about every kind of air conditioning system on the market. We know that we can tackle all of your questions about evaporative cooler systems. We’ll go over a few questions with you such as:

  • Has your system warranty expired?
  • Are your cooling bills higher than they used to be?
  • Do you find yourself scheduling repairs often?
  • Does your air conditioner system run continuously throughout the summer months?

Did you answer yes to any of these questions? If so, you may be in need of a new air conditioning system. Why not consider an evaporative cooler system installation?

Evaporative coolers, also known as “swamp coolers”, are a great alternative to a standard cooling system, especially in the dry summers, here in Shasta County.  Evaporative coolers are also a far less expensive way to cool a commercial space or even a home. So how do they work? It’s pretty simple, actually!

  • With an evaporative cooler, the air is cooled through the evaporation of water.
  • Basically, as the water is passed throughout the system, the water is turned into vapor using thermal energy in the air
  • The result is lower air temperatures with less energy use.

Evaporative coolers cost far less than other cooling systems, both for installation and overall use. Because this system utilizes evaporation technology, there is less energy use or output required. Believe it or not, but this makes them even more efficient than typical air conditioning systems on less humid days. They can essentially act as humidifiers, making them perfect for the dry conditions in our area. In all honesty, they ideal for climate-controlled properties such as storage spaces, hospitals, or other buildings.

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As mentioned, this cooling system is also inexpensive to install. Comparatively, an evaporative cooler system installation could cost you about 2x less than a typical air conditioner installation. The cost will be dependant on several factors, but generally speaking, property owners should expect to pay less for a swamp cooler. For more information about a commercial evaporative cooler system installation in Redding, CA, call us at 530-223-1332.

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