How Do You Fix Ductwork?

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How do you fix ductwork?

When your air ducts are damaged, it can affect the airflow through your HVAC system, and end up costing you money in utility expenses because your system won’t be running as efficiently. Depending on what type of air ducts you have, DIY ventilation repair may be possible. Many homes have flexible ductwork and below are some tips to make minor repairs when you have a tear in flexible ductwork. 

How to repair ventilation ducts:

  • Use a 6-inch section of duct tape to close the center of the rip.
  • Each side of the rip should be sealed with duct tape.
  • Start at the center of the rip and work outward.
  • Once the duct tape is applied, the repair is sealed with mesh placed lengthwise over it.
  • The mesh is covered with duct mastic to prevent cracking after the mastic dries.

While minor repairs like these can be pretty easy, when you’re working with ductwork, you don’t want to damage it further. Instead of risking any further problems, why not call a professional like Redding Heating & Air for ventilation repair in Redding, CA? We offer a full range of HVAC repair services. Find out how we can help by calling 530-223-1332.

Can I replace ductwork myself?

While it’s not impossible to replace ductwork yourself, it’s not advisable. Any misstep in the installation can lead to problems in the long term. If you’re not careful, for instance, when installing flexible duct, it can easily be torn. You can, for instance, accidentally drag it over rough attic flooring and create tears. Metal ductwork can be dented or improperly installed. All of these problems could lead you to need ventilation repair or cost you in energy efficiency, as air flow will be negatively affected.

Should ductwork be replaced after 20 years?

You might have heard people—even some HVAC professionals—that after 15-20 years you need to replace all of your ductwork because it will eventually deteriorate. There is some truth in this, even with metal ductwork, but it may not necessarily mean that all your ductwork needs to be replaced. Your ducts will expand and contract a lot over the years as your HVAC system operates. This expansion and contraction may cause even the sturdiest of metal ducts to loosen over time. While they may not completely pull away from each other, they may loosen enough to create leaks, which wastes energy. Even so, with regular maintenance, including adding insulation around older ducts and air sealing them, you may not need to replace the whole duct system. Some basic ventilation repair and care may be all that’s needed. At the same time, if you are replacing your HVAC system with something more energy efficient you may want to replace your ducts to get the maximum value from the new system.

Can dirty air ducts make you sick?

Dirt and dust can collect and even clog air ducts, especially if any are damaged. Not only can this dirt, dust, and other debris cause problems for your HVAC system, but it can also affect your health. If the dust gets vented out toward the home, those with severe allergies or respiratory issues like asthma can be affected. In general, dirty vents can increase problems with sinus infections or issues like throat irritation or sneezing or coughing. Ventilation repair or cleaning may help alleviate these problems, although one major thing you can do to help keep your vents clean is to change out your air filter or have it cleaned. A dirty air filter can affect air quality and air circulation as much as anything.

How are air ducts cleaned?

If you are having problems with air quality in your home, having your air ducts cleaned may help alleviate issues like sneezing or coughing because dust and debris are removed from the ducts. Duct cleaning is actually a fairly simple process. Usually it just requires the duct cleaning service to inspect the ducts and use heavy-duty vacuums to clear out the dust and debris. The cleaning services will also use brushes inside the ducts to get them cleaned out thoroughly. Additionally, the HVAC unit itself is cleaned. Everything is then sealed back up and you should experience better airflow and air quality as a result.

ventilation repair

Ventilation repair near me

If you are needing home ventilation repair or commercial ventilation repair in Redding, CA, turn to the leading HVAC specialists at Redding Heating & Air. We offer a wide range of HVAC services throughout the area. Your ventilation system can be a key to maintaining proper air flow in your system, which helps it maintain energy efficiency. In the long run, that can save you on utility bills. But good ventilation also benefits your indoor air quality, and may help you avoid some health problems like sneezing or coughing. Find out how we can help or book a service appointment by calling 530-223-1332.