Residential Evaporative Cooler System Repair

working on residential evaporative cooler system repair

Residential Evaporative Cooler System Repair and More

Does your home feel unbearably hot during the summer? Do you find yourself constantly cranking the AC up even before the sun has risen? If that’s the case, you may be interested in an evaporative cooler system, or a “swamp cooler.” These devices are perfect for our area, but if you have one then you’ll know, they require a certain amount of maintenance. There’s no need to worry though. When you need residential evaporative cooler system repair in Redding, CA, the only name to trust is Redding Heating & Air. Call us at 530-223-1332 to get started or keep reading for more information.

Does Your Evaporative Cooler Need a Little Help?

Just like with any other air conditioning system, an evaporative system will need regular maintenance. Because they utilize filters and water evaporation, there are parts of the system that are more prone to mold or mildew. That’s why consistently scheduled maintenance is so important. For that, you can still rely on us. Our technicians can perform expert evaporative cooler system maintenance for your commercial or residential unit. We have the necessary skills and experience needed for these tasks. A big part of maintenance also involves repairs. You can still rely on our team for quality evaporative cooler system repairs.

We take the time to check all the filters, replace any that need to be, and make the necessary repairs as well. Our technicians will thoroughly examine every part of the cooler, making sure that all aspects are working together efficiently. We have installed many evaporative coolers over the years, so we know exactly what is needed for repairs. Whether you need general maintenance or a specific repair, you can rely on us. Our contractors are available when you need us, which means you can rely on us at just about any time of the day. Don’t suffer through long, hot summers anymore! Call us today for more.

Schedule an Appointment With Our Team Today

No matter what kind of heating and cooling appliance you have in your home, rely on Redding Heating & Air when you need assistance. We are the leading HVAC company in your area, offering all kinds of residential HVAC services and more. Dial 530-223-1332 to schedule an appointment for residential evaporative cooler system repair in Redding, CA and more!

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