Residential Heat Pump Repair

HVAC unit and residential heat pump repair

Does Your Heat Pump Need a Little Help?

Being proactive about maintaining your heat pump is crucial to enjoying the comfort of your commercial or residential space year-round. Redding Heating & Air provides dependable routine maintenance services as well as repair services. You can count on us to provide outstanding HVAC repair services while maintaining respect for your space as we perform our work. Schedule your residential heat pump repair in Redding, CA or sign up for our scheduled Service Agreement to keep your heat pump operating and maximum efficiency for years to come!  Contact today at 530-223-1332 to get started.

Common Problems and Residential Heat Pump Repairs

In order to see if a repair, replacement, or maintenance is necessary it will depend on the problems at hand. While some issues may be across the board, there are a few that may be specific to your property. That in mind, here are some common issues found with heat pumps that may be useful in determining the next course of action.

  • sudden loss of heat with a heat pump, there are several avenues to take in correcting the issue. One such avenue can be to check the thermostat to make sure that the heat pump is not off and that it is set to heat.
  • newer thermostat. If your thermostat was replaced recently, it may be the wrong type or it may be that the wiring is incorrect which prevents the heat pump from working.
  • tripped circuit breaker won’t supply the power needed to activate the system. Try resetting the breaker box to see if that’s the issue.
  • reduced airflow, the main culprit can be dirty filters that will need to be replaced or cleaned. Other areas of build-up can occur in fans and coils. Make sure outdoor or rooftop units aren’t blocked by plants, debris, and other objects that can be restricting the air supply, fans, ducts or vents.
  • strange noises there could be loose parts or worn-out motor bearings. It’s important to contact a professional, as hearing noises can indicate more serious issues with your heat pump system.

Dependable Services Available at 530-223-1332

When you are ready to schedule an appointment for residential heat pump repair in Redding, CA, contact Redding Heating & Air. We are the professional HVAC company to rely on. Dial 530-223-1332 to schedule an appointment with us today.

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