Residential Wall Heater Repair

residential wall heater repair

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Many homes in our area have had wall heaters installed. They provide an excellent source of heat and comfort, but they can be very demanding in terms of maintenance. You do have to pay special attention to them to ensure they are always operating efficiently and effectively. If you need help with residential wall heater repair in Redding, CA, contact Redding Heating & Air. We’re available at 530-223-1332.

Wall Heater Maintenance

A wall heater does require regular care and maintenance. Dust should be cleaned from the unit before stored. The gas line connections should be closed during seasons when the unit is not in use. Regular inspections also make it possible to identify potential problems with the unit and thus minimize the chances of fire due to a malfunction. With annual wall heater maintenance, you can catch problems before they progress. As with any unit, be sure to look at manufacturer guidelines or a service professional as to what can be done to properly maintain your unit. For anything that is in-depth with gas or electrical lines, rely on a professional to do the work to avoid the risk of safety and injury.

Common Wall Heater Problems

A standard wall heater only has a few parts but these parts could cause the malfunction of the unit to the point where wall heater repair may be necessary. The usual problems experienced by a wall heater come from malfunctioning of the on/off switch, thermostat switch, and the heat exchanger in the interior of the unit. One thing that could go wrong with the functioning of the heater is it could just stop heating up. The heat exchanger could fail as well. When wall heaters are being powered by gas or electric you may even begin to see other types of issues arise that are more specific to the unit’s power source.

If you are suffering through wall heater problems, rely on Redding Heating & Air. We can provide you with the necessary repair services that you may need. Our technicians will repair broken lines, fix damaged grates and replace any filters or vents that need to be replaced. We work hard to offer comprehensive and thorough services so you will always be satisfied with our HVAC services.

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If you have any questions regarding what makes a repair necessary, contact us today for any residential wall heater repair in Redding, CA. Connect with us today by dialing 530-223-1332.

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