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How to Tell Your AC Needs an Upgrade

If your air conditioner is showing signs that it is on its last leg, then fall truly can’t come quickly enough. The problem is that California weather can be tricky and we are likely to see the occasional heatwave even after it is officially deemed “fall.”

You need a working air conditioner, end of story. But an old, malfunctioning system just isn’t going to cut it on those 80 to 100° days. If you need an AC upgrade, we advise getting an appointment booked ASAP. The sooner you start the process, the sooner you can enjoy a reliable and effective air conditioner again.

Here are the signs that it is time to get started on an AC replacement in Redding, CA.

Indicators That You Need a New AC Unit

If your air conditioner stops working entirely, it is going to be highly likely that you need a system upgrade. But how can you tell this is the case before you suddenly find yourself without any source of home cooling? Watch out for these indicators to start:

  • System age: No air conditioner lasts forever. Make sure to keep tabs on how many years your AC has been in use. If it is under 10 years old, you might be able to make do with repairs to get it running again. However, if you have an AC that is between 10 and 15 years old and it is starting to struggle, you’d do well to consider a system upgrade.
  • Increasing energy bills: Another sign that you have an AC on its way out is when the system creates increasingly high energy bills that repairs and maintenance can’t reduce. That increased energy use is your air conditioner’s way of telling you that it can’t keep up anymore.
  • Reduced effectiveness: The fact that your AC isn’t able to perform accordingly is going to be another indicator that you need to consider upgrading your air conditioner. This is especially true if the system performance has continued to decline despite regular maintenance and repairs.
  • Increased repair needs: How often do you need AC repairs? If the answer is still every few years, you are probably okay to still continue with more repairs to get things in order. However, frequent repair needs (once a year or more) are a sign that your AC is starting to fail and needs to be replaced.
  • Increased repair price: Lastly, take the price of repairs into account. If you have an older AC that has a really high repair bill, it may be better to put that money towards a new system. A good rule of thumb to remember is that if the repair cost could cover half or more of the price of a new system, you are better off opting for the new system.

If any of these indicators sound familiar to you, then it means it is time to reach out to our team to get an air conditioner replacement underway.

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