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Tips to Stay Cool While Waiting for AC Repairs

No one is ever happy to discover that their air conditioner needs a repair during the middle of summer. This is especially true when a heatwave hits! But no one wants to consider having to leave their AC off for hours on end while it is fixed either.

With all that said, you can’t avoid getting your system fixed. Otherwise, you may discover your system breaks down completely. Make sure that you schedule your air conditioner repair in Redding, CA. Our technicians will get the job done quickly and you can use these tips to stay cool while your system is fixed.

Staying Cool While Your AC Is Repaired

Much like how your car can’t be running while it is being fixed, an air conditioner has to stay off while it is repaired. But that means you’ll be without a cooling system until the job is done. Here are some tips to help keep you cool in the interim.

  • Keep that sunshine out of the house: Sunshine is great for bringing light into your home without the use of electricity, but it also brings a lot of radiant heat too. That is why it is better to keep those blinds and curtains closed to keep your home cooler for far longer.
  • Reduce the use of heat-generating appliances: We all love a nice home-cooked meal. However, using the stove while your AC is out of commission will make things a lot hotter. Stick to cold fruits and veggies or cold cuts if possible so you don’t have to run your oven or stove. What’s more, try not to use your washer or dryer.
  • Use ceiling or standalone fans: One way to feel cooler for a longer amount of time is to use fans. They increase air circulation can help your body evaporate sweat more quickly which will help improve your body’s natural cooling process.
  • Drink plenty of water: Stay as hydrated as possible! Keeping yourself hydrated makes it easier for your body to sweat. It also means that you’ll feel cooler overall as cool water can help cool off the core of your body.
  • Enjoy some time staying cool until your technician arrives: Our technicians will make sure to alert you when they are on their way. With this in mind, you can probably enjoy some time in a place with air conditioning or enjoy some time in your local public pool to stay cool. Then you can come home in time to let your technician in so that they can get to work.

Prompt AC Repairs Are Highly Important

The sooner your get any air conditioner issues addressed, the better off you’ll be. After all, getting the core problem identified and fixed properly can give back your cooling system that much faster. It can also prevent the need for an AC replacement.

Whatever air conditioner service you need, our team is here to help.

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