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7 Signs Your Heater Needs Some Extra TLC

You should be able to trust your heater to run effectively and efficiently throughout the coldest parts of the year. This doesn’t always work out though. Even with regular maintenance provided each year, wear and tear can lead to the need for a heating repair in Cottonwood, CA.

There is space between when a heater is functioning easily and when it completely breaks down. You will want to try to get repairs for your heater before it gives out entirely. To do that, you will need to know what the indicators are that a problem is present. We’ve provided some of the biggest indicators to know so you can get heater repairs in a timely manner.

7 Signs You Need a Heating Repair

Not sure if maintenance was enough this season? Is your heater behaving oddly? Check out some of these indicators that your heater has developed a repair need and, if you notice anything that describes your heater, reach out to us for assistance.

  1. Your heater is making odd sounds. Your heater won’t run silently, but it shouldn’t make a ruckus either. Sound such as rattling, continual clicking, hissing, buzzing, or screeching are cause for concern.
  2. Your heater is producing weakened airflow. If you notice that the airflow from your heater seems weaker, double-check your filter to see if it needs to be changed. If that isn’t the cause, call in the pros—this can indicate problems with the fans in the system or even a leak in your ductwork.
  3. You notice cold spots around the house. When your heater is running, it should provide warmth throughout the entire home. If you notice, instead, that there are areas or rooms that feel especially cold, this is a good reason to contact a professional to get your system assessed.
  4. The heating cycles seem shorter. This is known as short cycling and it is a big issue. You may have a problem with the system overheating, a problem with the thermostat, or a leak in your heater that is causing the heating cycles to end early.
  5. The temperature never gets warm enough. Your heater runs like usual but the house is still well below the temperature you were hoping for. You may need to check that your thermostat isn’t miscalibrated and get your heating system assessed as a whole.
  6. Your energy bills are spiking without reason. That most recent energy bill shocked you with how high it was. If the change in your bill can’t be attributed to rising energy costs or increased heater use, then it may indicate a deeper issue in your heater.
  7. Something smells off when your heater is on. You shouldn’t smell much of anything when your heater runs. Smells like sulfur should be met with immediate action as they may indicate gas leaks. Other smells to be on the alert for include the acrid scent of burning electrical parts.

When your heater starts to struggle, the best way to get it working properly again is to get expert repairs. That’s what we are here to provide.

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