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Why Upgrade Your Heater Today

There are plenty of times when perseverance and determination can help you avoid a problem or find a solution. Battling with a bad heating system is one of those situations when people are often a bit too determined. There is a time to call it quits on your heater.

Here are some ways to figure out if it is time to let your old system go and schedule a heater replacement in Anderson, CA. In these situations, you are best off being determined about being the next appointment on our books.

4 Indicators You Need a Heater Replacement

You shouldn’t wait to replace your heater if it is failing you. Here are some signs that it is time to skip the repairs and just let your heater retire.

  1. The system is 10–15 years old. Age is an important number to pay attention to when it comes to your heater. This is because knowing your heater’s age may provide you with an early warning that a replacement is in the near future. So, why is the range between 10–15 years? This is because this is the age range after which a heater will start to deteriorate in effectiveness and efficiency. If your heater is within or beyond this age range, chances are high that a replacement is something you should start to plan for.
  2. Repairs are way too pricey: Did your last heater repair force you to sit down and completely change your budget for the year? Repairs that are this expensive should prompt you to take a moment and consider your options. A good rule of thumb to remember is that when the cost of a repair is equal to half or more of the price of a new system, then a heater upgrade is likely the better way to spend your money.
  3. You need repairs too often: If you keep up with system maintenance for your heater each year then the need for repairs shouldn’t pop up too often. So what does it mean when your repairs become far more frequent? A heater that develops repair needs each year is one that is deteriorating and may breakdown in the near future. Prepare for a replacement before your heater gives out on you.
  4. Your heater won’t heat: You’ve checked the thermostat and it is set correctly, the filters are clean, the heater received its tune-up, and you hear the fan running but the house is cold. We hate to tell you this but your heater isn’t heating. Combine this serious problem with older age and you can guess what we’re going to tell you: it is time to get a new system!

Have you noticed one or more of the warning signs we’ve listed here? Or perhaps you fall into the category of people who need emergency service because your heater has already given up. Whatever the situation, our team can help.

The experts at Redding Heating & Air can assess a faulty system to double-check whether it truly needs replacement or not. If it does, then we will work with you step-by-step to get the best new system in place.

Giving You the Comfort of Your Home: Schedule your heater replacement with Redding Heating & Air.

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