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Ways We Can Help You Save Money on Your Winter Heating

Many people enjoy the colder weather of winter. But even the biggest winter enthusiast isn’t happy about turning up the thermostat and then seeing a larger energy bill later on. Plus, the more often a heating system runs, the more it will rack up in repair costs and an eventual replacement.

If you’re someone who wants to enjoy a warm house but doesn’t wan’t to see extraordinarily high heating bills during the winter, our heating contractors in Redding, CA have some ideas to help you. We have several ways you can lower your heating costs this winter without having to wear thick parkas indoors all day long.

Turning Energy into Savings

A good way to start combating high heating costs is to have our heating experts help you out with an assessment—perhaps your heater is over-the-hill or its needs repairs. We can help you figure out energy-efficient upgrades (such as ENERGY STAR-qualified high-efficiency furnaces and eco-friendly heat pumps) and give you a guide on how to make changes to your heating system that will result in not only lower bills but better comfort.

Regular Maintenance

We can’t emphasize this enough: your furnace must have annual maintenance in order for it to stay in top shape, both for performance and energy savings. We recommend scheduling maintenance each fall, so you still have time to have it done and get to enjoy a full winter with a peak-condition heating system. Maintenance also helps to prevent repairs and sudden breakdowns, and it’s an essential step in ensuring a furnace remains working safely throughout the winter.

Thermostat Control

Using the thermostat correctly can make an immediate difference in heating costs. Keep the thermostat set at a steady lower temperature (we recommend 68°F during the day when people are home) rather than continually changing it. You may also want to look into having a smart thermostat installed. Smart thermostats give you better and more precise control over temperatures—and you actually have to do less work. You can also control the thermostat remotely through an app on your phone.

Sealing Duct Leaks

The ductwork in your home is what allows heated air to reach all the rooms. But the ductwork can work against you if it’s filled with air leaks, and this is a more common occurrence than most people think. Losing heated air to leaks means money going to waste. We can help you overcome this problem as well: we specialize in identifying and sealing duct leaks that might be letting warm air escape. You’ll have better comfort as well.

Navigating Rebates and Incentives

Saving on heating isn’t only about the technical side of the heating system. There’s also the financial side of rebate and incentive programs that make it easier for homeowners to afford efficient new equipment. Some people find the prospect of navigating these programs intimidating, but that’s why we’re here. We’re experts when it comes to helping our customers find the available incentive programs that will help them save money. Just ask us about the programs you might qualify for, and we’ll help you move forward.

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