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6 Sounds You Don’t Want Your Heater To Make

Your heater, no matter what type it is, won’t run without any noise. At the very least, you’ll hear the whoosh of warm air passing out of your vents or your air handler. You may also hear the whir of motors and an occasional click.

However, there are sounds that a heater can make that aren’t normal, and they are worth some concern. If you hear any of the following noises, then scheduling a heater repair in Redding with our team is your best option.

6 Sounds No Heater Should Make

Has your heater gotten noisy as you have started to use it more regularly? If so, it may be time to reach out for a heater repair in Redding from our team. Here is what you don’t want to hear from your system:

  1. Rattling: When you run your heater and hear rattling then it is likely you have a loose part in your system. For example, the blower door for your furnace may be loose or there might be a screw or bolt in your heat pump that is coming loose. The sooner you address this sound, the better.
  2. Clanging: If you hear clanging from your heater, it may mean that there was a rattling noise that wasn’t discovered in time. That loose part may have come free and be bouncing around in the system. Or, perhaps, you may have a part that has broken and is vibrating in the system when it is running. Getting this noise addressed can help prevent additional repair needs from developing.
  3. Hissing: Don’t mistake hissing for the same thing as the whoosh of air. Hissing indicates that either air is being forced through a constrained area, such as with a duct leak or a seriously dirty filter, or that gas is escaping a system. Don’t ignore hissing that isn’t resolved by a filter change—call an expert to check it out.
  4. Booming: This is a sound that you may encounter with a gas-powered furnace and should be addressed as soon as you can. What is happening is that gas is not being ignited immediately, allowing it to build up and then create a small explosion when it finally does ignite. As you can imagine, this is extremely hard on your system.
  5. Screeching: This is a highly unpleasant noise that alerts you to the fact that your system is hurting. You may have belts or motor bearings that are dried out and need lubrication. This is a system noise that requires prompt repairs.
  6. Silence: Last but not least, if your heating system is making absolutely no noise, it is a problem. This is because silence indicates that your system isn’t operating at all!

If you can’t quite identify what you are hearing from your heater but you know that it isn’t normal, then you are better off getting your system checked out by a professional. Whether you need a tune-up or a repair, you can trust our team to get the job done right.

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