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6 Tips for Reducing Energy Use This Season

The sudden uptick in the temperature on Thanksgiving may have left you enjoying open windows this year. However, things have started to cool back down, and that is leaving you deciding how to keep your home warm.

For some, this may be as simple as turning the thermostat on and letting the heater run. But maybe you are a bit more conscious of your energy bills, or you simply want to use less energy to reduce your impact on the environment. Whatever category you’re in, we can help.

Here are some key tips to follow that will minimize your energy use without leaving your home uncomfortable

1. Double-check the thermostat setting

What temperature is your thermostat set to? We know on a cold day you may be tempted to jack up that temperature setting, but we would say you’ll be better off resisting the urge. Leaving your thermostat set to a high of 68° will help you enjoy a comfortably warm home without spending too much money. What’s more, keeping the temperature reasonable prevents heat loss from occurring too quickly.

2. Close those windows and doors

If you really need a breath of fresh air, we’d suggest stepping outside for a moment. You don’t want to leave doors or windows open while running your heater because it allows heat to escape and forces your system to work much harder.

3. Use the sunlight to heat things up

Thankfully California sees its fair share of sunshine, even in the coldest months of the year. Make that sunlight work for you! Open up the curtains or blinds in rooms that get sunlight throughout the day. This will allow the radiant heat that comes with the sunshine to warm your home and reduce the amount of work that your heater has to do.

4. Snuggle up in your warmer clothing

Have you been trying to get through the cold weather in a t-shirt? We’d advise bundling up. You don’t need a bubble coat in your house but wearing warmer clothes can make it easier for you to stay warm and make it easier to lower the temperature on the thermostat.

5. Change your filter and open your vents

The filter and vents attached to your heater play important roles in your system’s operation. Make sure that you have a clean filter in place and set a reminder to check and change it every one to three months. We’d also advise checking on the vents around the house and making sure they are open.

6. Get heater maintenance and repairs from us

Last but not least, make sure to get maintenance and heater repairs in Redding taken care of by a trained professional. These services will ensure that you can keep your heater working effectively and efficiently for many years to come. What’s more, getting these tasks taken care of by a professional also ensures everything is done correctly from the start.

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