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When and Why You Should Get Duct Cleaning

Have you ever looked inside of your air ducts? That might be impossible due to how closed off they are, and for good reason. You don’t want any outside contaminants getting into your air ducts, just like you wouldn’t want any inside contaminants getting out. However, we’d bet that if you took a good look inside of your air duct system, you wouldn’t like the sight.

Dust, debris, hair, pet dander … You name it! These are all contaminants that can riddle a duct system and cause problems in the future. While they might not immediately cause health concerns or indoor air quality issues, they can influence the energy efficiency of your comfort systems, from heaters to air conditioners.

Interested in duct cleaning? Great! Now let’s discuss when might be the right time to invest in this kind of service, and highlight some of the reasons why it’s just that important.

Why Duct Cleaning Is Important

Duct cleaning is important for many reasons, but there’s on in particular that catches the interest of our customers. It provides better energy efficiency for your home comfort systems. Let us explain.

Air ducts are supposed to cleanly and efficiently allow for conditioned or heated air to go from one area to the next. This means that the heat created by your furnace goes from your furnace to the rooms in your home quickly and effectively. If your air ducts are filled with dust, debris, and even signs of a nesting critter, then that means less air is going to make it into the rooms of your home.

Less heated air means it doesn’t get registered on your thermostat, and your heating system has to work harder to heat your home. You can probably see where we’re going with this.

Air ducts that are cleaned won’t have any obstructions to the heating or cooling process.

Other Benefits of Clean Ducts

Don’t just stop at efficiency! Clean air ducts can also make a big improvement to your indoor air quality, since all of that dust and dander will be removed entirely from the closed indoor air system of your home. Breathe easier and allow for more comfortable environments in your home with clean air ducts.

When to Purchase This Service

It can be hard to pin down a great time to invest in duct cleaning services. After all, it’s not like maintenance you would invest in other areas of your home, like your HVAC technology. Duct cleaning is a sensible service to get every few years when you think it’s due.

Here’s a good tip. If your air quality begins to suffer or you know that it’s been a few years since your air ducts were last cleaned, then that’s probably a good sign you could use the help. But if you can remember that you had air duct cleaning last year or even the year before that, then you might not need it. You’ll notice the negative effects of dirty ducts on your energy bills when you run your air conditioner anyways!

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